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Basic Trump - 40 points

Basic trump allows you to make trumps. Simple, huh? Actually, trump is quite a complex power since it isn't really know where its abilites come from, or what it's full capabilities are.

You can make trumps of people you know, if you have a few spare hours (as long as you got that psyche up. A low psyche will take longer). If pressed for time, you can make a sketch, but that will only last a few minutes, and doesn't travel well. You can sense Trump in objects, and create trump constructs.

Very useful is the ability to identify the source of a trump contact. You make many friends this way, with everyone slapping a hand on you with every trump call. But no one said it's easy being an artist.

Trump defense is also useful, though often forgotten in the heat of battle. Using your own trump, you can fend off Psychic, Trump, Pattern, Logrus, and Magic attacks (or use the trump of another to help them).


Advanced Trump - 60 points

In the advanced version of Trump, the power of Trump is more intertwined with your psyche. You can use any trump you've ever drawn without holding it, spy on others just by passing your hands over your cards and feeling for activity. You can create temporary holes in reality called 'Trump Gates. You can jam any trump (or set of Trumps). Worst of all your new abilites is to trap someone in a Trump trap, which forces an unfortunate victim to a place of your choosing.