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A note about sorcery and endurance: Every time you cast a spell, there’s a temporary hit on your endurance. 2 points for your basic spells, 4 for advanced. When you hit 0 endurance (Amber level) you can no longer cast. For every full night of rest, you regain 10 points.


Basic Sorcery -- 15 points

You can have basic sorcery without having a full power (like full logrus or pattern). What you do need is something to keep all those nifty spells on, which can be bought with points, or given to you by a friend. (Please note that partial powers are not strong enough to hang spells on)


When you get sorcery, you get 10 spells that you can write out yourself. You don't have to choose a certain school if you don't want (like ice, fire, etc), but it makes a nice touch for role-playing purposes.   Also, your peers will consider you a better sorcerer.


Sorcery is based on psyche, so your attack is only as strong as your mind is. Also, since there is no underlying current in the universe that you're pulling off of, it’s weak against real powers. You'd have to be twice as strong in psyche than your opponent, given that he's using a power attack.


You can't cast if you can't talk, or if you can't move, since casting requires the speaking of lynchpins, and movement to cast.


To get basic sorcery, you must have a teacher who is a higher psyche, and is experienced (so no teaching the group one session after you get it).


Advanced sorcery – 30 points

With advanced sorcery, you can get 10 more spells, and the power of each spell is increased by 10 points.


Another neat thing is you can imbue objects with your spells, so others can use them. You need conjuration to use this skill, since simply putting a spell in an object will destroy it.


You can also start putting points into spells, which increases their power by 10 for each point (limit of 5). This is extremely taxing, since you are putting yourself into the spell, so your endurance goes down by twice as many points as you put in, plus the additional cost.