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Partial pattern imprint – 25 points.

  Partial pattern is not nearly as cool as full pattern, but it will get you around. You can walk through shadows, but you can forget about seeking out specific things, people, or shadows. You can walk to “a nice sunny field,” but not “a field full of purple flowers with two suns, where there is a little red house on the horizon and a pretty lady.” You can only lead people with difficulty.  

Think of it as the difference between taking public transportation and having your own car.You acquire partial pattern by walking the pattern without any guidance.  The pattern itself will guide you, and barring any distractions (like oh, Brand tapping you on the shoulder), you’ll do just fine. But because your attention is distracted by these new sensations, and you have to concentrate so hard on not being flooded with memories, that the pattern can’t put you together quite well enough to give you full pattern. You also will only get partial pattern if your guide isn’t good enough (he/she needs to have advanced, or have had pattern for a while), or your guide gets distracted and can no longer guide you.

 You still get your wish at the end of pattern. Yay.


Full pattern imprint – 50 points.

 You can start out with either partial or full pattern, since you can get either one in one go.

 Full pattern is neat. Not only will it get you around, but you can get as specific as you want, follow people who aren’t as good as you, lead people more easily, and seek out really cool things.

 There are two ways to gain full pattern. To get it in one go, get a good guide (advance initiate, or someone who’s had full for a while now) and go walk. To get it without anyone’s help, you can opt to walk it twice (getting partial, then full). The second time around the pattern in your blood will be stronger, and you’ll be able to concentrate more on the power the pattern is shooting you full of.


Advanced pattern imprint – 75 points

You get all sorts of goodies with advanced pattern: ability to sense other powers, like logrus, pattern, or trump; pattern lens, which so far only a few places seemed to be blocked from; faster hunting and running through shadow; mind-walking pattern; changing the rules of a shadow; shadow pockets; erasing and editing shadow; and always knowing who has pattern, and how much.

Nifty, eh?

Advanced pattern is quite guarded by the Elders. You get it by proving yourself loyal, fit, and someone who has sufficiently pushed the boundaries of full pattern. Rebma, Amber, and Primal patterns are heavily guarded, and the stairs to Tir Na’noghth are never unattended, and inaccessible when the moon is full. So you get it by getting permission (HA!), or working around the elders.


Exalted pattern imprint – 100 points.

You’re kidding, right? Ha! I laugh at you. Your skeeeels are weak!


Broken pattern – 10 points

So your life isn’t exciting enough, you have to go and get broken pattern.

Broken pattern is not to be scoffed at. The power comes from the dark part of the pattern instead of the bright part. You are working with void, nothingness. On its own, it sucks, since you have a hard time traveling, nothing you seek out works, and your world is pretty scummy no matter where you go. However, the unique ability to draw from nothing makes it a neat power to combine with others, such as sorcery.

If your shadow is destroyed, so is your power. Hurts like a bitch, too.

BTW—I dare you to get logrus and broken pattern… double dog dare you!!!