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Once again, conjuration is going to tax your endurance. The larger or more complex it is, the more it taxes you. Putting points into an object will tax you even more.


Endurance costs:

bulletSimple (a rock, some paper—things with a uniform composition, where crude will do): +1
bulletSomewhat complex (a plant, a sword – things with slight variations in composition or looks): +2
bulletVery complex (an animal, a holiday ham – anything living, or anything that is complex) : +3
bulletOrnate: (a car, a beautiful piece of jewelry – as it says, ornate) +4
bulletFine: +1 per pound
bulletSmall (1-10 pounds): +1
bulletMedium (11-30 pounds): +2
bulletLarge (31-100 pounds): +3
bulletGreat (100-200 pounds): +4
bulletHuge (200-500 pounds): +5
bulletBeyond that, add a point for every 500 pounds.


If you have advanced sorcery, you can make magic objects others can use. All they need to know is the lynchpins. Add casting cost to the creating of the object.


No conjured object lasts forever. Eventually, it will go back to the universe. A conjured object lasts one hour for every point of psyche you have. The only way to make a conjured object last is to put points into it, which you can find in the book. Keep in mind, these are actual points, not phantom, like endurance. For every point you spend in making an object real, you spend a point of endurance. So a 10 point gun will cost you 14 points in endurance (very complex and small).


Just as with sorcery, you get 10 points back for every full night of sleep.