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Partial logrus initiate – 25 points


Partial logrus, like partial pattern, is a way to function in a universe that was made for powers without dedicating a chunk of points to it. You can get around from shadow to shadow, pull generic objects out of the shadows, use limited logrus sight (you’ll be able to sense powers being up, but not what powers specifically), and create weak shielding for your body and mind against pattern attacks.


Partial logrus, unlike full, does not require shape shifting. Every chaosites has innate shape shifting, otherwise they would be dead before they left the womb. So every chaosite’s body will naturally adapt to the environment. However, they will not be able to tell that they are shape shifting, or be able to control it. Walking the logrus is possible because they can adapt enough to survive it. They will not have full logrus, though.


You can get partial logrus by walking logrus without shape shifting, or without a guide.


Full logrus initiate – 45 points

Full logrus is more for the chaosite (or amberite… hey, I’m open minded) that intends to use the logrus for more than a mode of transportation, and a cheap way to get beer. Full logrus, besides being able to track specific objects and pull to more detailed shadows, also can be used in combat, for spell storage, to ‘see’ other powers in use, and for defense of mind and body.


A word about using logrus in battle: it costs a full action, and leaves you vulnerable to attacks both physically and mentally. Generally its recommended to active it before a battle, or not at all.


Full logrus requires shape shifting, so that the logrus can manipulate you more while traversing it. You can get full logrus by having someone guide you through it, or by traversing it after you get partial.

Advanced logrus mastery – 70 points


Like advanced pattern, this is a heavily guarded power. You gain amazing power over the logrus, and can shape it into your every desire. You can make servants, perfect shadows, summon primal chaos, and summon powerful creatures of chaos (let’s just hope you’re good enough to handle them…).  Fighting with logrus becomes easier, as does finding objects, or traveling to shadows.


In order to get Logrus mastery, you have to have full logrus and the permission of the keepers of the logrus. Chaosites will have a hell of a time getting in, and amberites will have an even harder time.


A warning about logrus: at the end of traversing the pattern, the initiate gets a wish. At the end of the logrus, you go insane. Nice, huh? Usually these bouts of insanity last for a few days, with you running around shadow doing all sorts of weird stuff. You won’t remember where you’ve been or what you’ve done. After you regain your senses, you’re able to continue with your life, but beware a sudden relapse. Too much exertion could send you off again. (So no big battles or endeavors for at least a month)


Being guarded is very dangerous for the guards during your insanity. If they’re weaker, most likely you’ll kill them. Stronger, you’re likely to at least hurt them, and even more likely, hurt yourself. That’s why most initiates are released into shadow to go wacko for a few days, and then retrieved after they’ve calmed down.