Ryoden's Narrative

Enter a Count... - Ryoden meets the Count Anthony Sawall and gets drug out of her little lab, and into the world of politics.

Dinner at the Sawalls - Dinner with the Count, and more details about her current employer.

Back at Minobeeways - At home, Ryoden questions her past while readying for her future.

Ryoden at 'The Edge' - Ryoden takes a trip out to the bars, and learns of the demons and fruity drinks.

Back at 'The Edge' - Ryoden talks to Ishmaela further, and gets a tad upset.

Meetings Before Leaving - Ryoden meets Teremko, and has a spat with Kieran.

The Chaos Delegation - Ryoden meets Lord Andrew Sawall, the King of Chaos, and goes to Tintagel.

Meeting in Tintagel - Ryoden goes to Corwin's kingdom, and the introductions begin.