Ryoden looks around at her party and the gentle green hills of Tinagel. She bows to the man called Corwin and inventories who else is there.

She pokes Andrew in the ribs. "So now what? Does someone feed us or something?" she whispers.

Andrew whispers back "It usually goes introductions, quarters, food. This place is pretty good. What do you think?"

"It's-- it's--- green." She nods, deciding that's a good word for it. "But I get the sinking feeling this isn't a tech shadow, what do you think?"

"Introductions." Ryoden sticks out her hand to Andrew. "Hi! I'm Ryoden. And you are?" She bites back a giggle.

Andrew's mouth twitches in a barely suppressed smile. "Good evening, Lady Ryoden. I am Lord Andrew Sawall."

In the meantime, Mandor has been introducing Corwin to the rest of the delegation. Now he reaches the two youngest members of it. Smoothly, the Margrave Mandor Sawall says "Your Majesty, may I present my nephew Lord Andrew Sawall and the Lady Ryoden Minobee." Corwin smiles at both and says in a rich, deep voice "You are most welcome to Avalon."

Ryoden stiffens. "Wait a minute. You're an Amberite, aren't you?" As the words leave her mouth, she immeadiately regrets them, and slams her hand over her lips, her eyes wide.

Crass, crass, crass...

Corwin instead smiles in amusement "Yes, I am of that most scandalous blood, Lady Ryoden." His look is gentle "I take no offence. Do not worry."

Mandor and he then move over to the other small group, for the next set of introductions.

She makes a discontented noise. "Then the count was right. You do look normal." She squints and examines him, looking for anything out of place. "Two ends of the universe and we can't bother to look different? Sigh. Maybe this is a circular universe, and all we had to do to get to Amber from Chaos is back up."

Corwin answers quietly "As I understand it, the difference is in attitude, not looks for the most part." She looks around. "Tinagel isn't Amber, is it?"

Corwin shakes his head "No, Tintagel is the capital city of Avalon, a Golden Circle kingdom. To Amber as the Black Zone is to the Courts, I believe."

Mandor and he then move over to the other small group, for the next set of introductions.

Andrew nudges her in the ribs and whispers "Well, what do you think?"

Ryoden looks around. "Well, I think they're nice enough. I was hoping Amberites would look more different, but oh well." She plays with her plutonium a bit thinks intensely.

"Um, do you know what plutonium eats?"

Andrew thinks "I don't know. How did he come about? That might give us a clue."

"Oh, well, I was experiementing on making a fuel that could change it's molecular structure dependant on the shadow, so I would always be combustable. But somehow that animated it, and now it's running around, intelligent, and totally unsuited for burning." She holds it out to him.

"Care to hold it?"

Andrew nods "Sure." and holds out his hands. The plutonium goes into his care quite calmly and takes up a place on his shoulder. Andrew smiles slightly then says "How about fuel, or fire? Might those be foodstuffs for the little guy?"

Ryoden shakes her head quickly. "Oh no... fire was what made him bite me... but fuel. Fuel might work." She looks around, then down at the city. "Horse drawn everything. Hmph. I don't suppose they have petrolium here, do they?"

Andrew thinks for a moment "Petroleum no, but would alchohol count as a fuel? It's an inefficient one granted, but it might work."

Ryoden nods and claps her hands. "Yeah! And you know, you can drink it, too? I've experimented on it tons, but never thought to imbibe it until a few nights ago. It was wonderful." She glances over at

Ishmaela and laughs. "At her bar. You should go when we get back."

Andrew grins "I will." He hands her a hip flask, adding with a smile "Try this on the little guy."

She cups her palm and pours a small amount into the divot. She offers it to her pet, still on Andrew's shoulder.

"C'mon. Is good. Eat."

The plutonium sniffs it cautiously, then eagerly laps it up. It then looks at Ryoden and makes its odd chirruping sound.

She laughs and pours more in her palm. "Oh... I'm pleased. He won't starve." She looks at Andrew seriously. "You have experience with roving elements?"

She looks around. "Should we be mingling? I got yelled at before I left for not doing so often enough." She grumbles something to herself, something like 'as if I had a choice...'

Andrew smiles "Some experience. Not much. And mingling, yes we should be I guess."

Just at that, a rainbow swirl appears in the room and Danius Helgram pulls through three people. One is a tall woman with strking features and coppery hair. Her hazel eyes scan the room. Beside her is a powerfully built man with black skin, no hair and pale green eyes.

The third arrival is a young man with red hair and blue eyes. Despite his calmness, Ryoden has a sense that this third is dangerous.

Corwin and Mandor finish talking to Onora and Solis and turn. Mandor gives a bow and straightening says "Your Grace, this is indeed a pleasure."

Richard smiles and gives a small bow in return. Addressing Corwin, he says "Your invitation is most timely, your Majesty. I appreciate your hospitality. May I introduce my cousins Katherine and Bezan?"

Andrew nods to Ryoden and offers her his arm "Shall we?"