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I. Background

a. When does the game take place?

b. Who is the king of Amber?

c. Who is the King of Chaos?

d. Where is the Amber NPC:

i. Benedict

ii. Bill Roth

iii. Bleys

iv. Brand

v. Caine

vi. Coral

vii. Corwin

viii. Deirdre

ix. Delwin

x. Droppa MaPantz

xi. Dworkin

xii. Eric

xiii. Fiona

xiv. Flora

xv. Gerard

xvi. Jasra

xvii. Julian

xviii. Llewella

xix. Martin

xx. Moire

xxi. Oberon

xxii. Random

xxiii. Rinaldo (Luke)

xxiv. Sand

xxv. Vialle

e. Where is the Chaos NPC:

i. Dara

ii. Despil

iii. Gilva

iv. Julia

v. Jurt

vi. Mandor

vii. Merlin

viii. Nadya

ix. Suhuy

x. Swayvill

f. Who are the Game specific NPC's?

i. Bel'k

ii. Esta

iii. Klasha

iv. Lillian

v. Mouse (AKA Justar)

vi. Rissa Claire

vii. Ryoden

viii. Tolan

ix. Various parents

g. Who has had children?

h. What is the complete character list (including characters that have dropped)?

i. What is the character list for players still in play?

II. Joining the Game

a. How many points to I get?

b. How long should my history be?

c. Do I write my first post?

d. When are you going to post for me?

e. Are you looking for _____?

f. Can I be a half-breed?

g. Can I know/not know about Amber and Chaos?

h. Can I pick my parents?

III. Mechanics

a. Can I have exalted powers?

b. How powerful can my items be?

c. Can I have advanced powers at the start?

d. What are jumps and sessions?

e. What about allies?

f. How long should my posts be?

g. What is the minimum posting rate?

h. When there is more than one person in a thread, who goes when? How do we deal with cross-posts?

i. What happens if I get behind/ahead (time wise) of other players in the same shadow?

IV. Misc.

a. Are there any co-gms?

b. Contributions:

i. Diaries

1. How long do they have to be?

2. How often do I have to turn one in?

3. How many points do I get?

ii. Trumps

1. What if I can't draw?

2. How many points do I get?

3. How many do I have to make?

iii. Logs

1. What is a log?

2. How often do I have to do them?

3. How many points do I get?

iv. What other contributions can I do?


I.a. When does the game take place?

I break off from the books in Chapter 11 of The Courts of Chaos, when the Unicorn appears at the rim. The game itself starts five years after Patternfall (Amber time). At this point we have had one jump of five years, setting us at 10 years post-Patternfall, Amber time.

I.b. Who is the king of Amber?

At present, Corwin is the king of Amber. Read Corwin's history on the website for how he came to this position.

I.c. Who is the king of Chaos?

At present, Merlin is the king of Chaos. He was brought back early from his sojourn on Shadow Earth to sit on the crown. See Merlin's History on the website for more information.

I.d.i. Where is the Amber NPC Benedict?

Benedict has kept mostly to shadows, but does not refuse trumps. He goes back and forth between his two homes: a rural farm and Corwin's old Avalon.

I.d.ii. Where is the Amber NPC Bill Roth?

Bill Roth moved to Amber after the death of his wife, and stays on as a lawyer and officiate. He has two grown sons on Shadow Earth, and a granddaughter, all of whom he visits regularly.

I.d.iii. Where is the Amber NPC Bleys?

Bleys goes in and out of Amber, either keeping to his pet shadows, or getting back in favor with his siblings. Patternfall is still fresh in his mind, though he often tries to hide any thoughts of it with bravado and wit.

I.d.iv. Where is the Amber NPC Brand?

While Brand has been sighted several times (once by the PC Imogen, and twice by the PC Eleanor) he has not yet reentered as a major frontlines player. His miraculous escape from the abyss has not been explained as of yet. He seems to be involved in some way with the NPC Ryoden. See Brand's Appearances for more details on what he is doing now.

I.d.v. Where is the Amber NPC Caine?

Caine is alive, and for the most part, stays out of Amber. Since the game breaks before Merlin's chronicles, he was not shot by Rinaldo. His entrances and exits regarding Amber are usually quiet. He associates closely with the NPCs Clarice and Lillian.

I.d.vi. Where is the Amber NPC Coral?

Coral is the Queen of Kashfa, wife of Rinaldo I, king of Kashfa. At the beginning of game time, it was unknown that she was an Amberite. However, shortly after the birth of her daughter, she decided she should try to walk the Pattern, and succeeded. She does not have the Jewel of Judgment as an eye.

I.d.vii. Where is the Amber NPC Corwin?

Corwin is the king of Amber, and can be found, oddly enough, in Amber.

I.d.viii. Where is the Amber NPC Deirdre?

Deirdre has not reappeared from the Abyss. Eleanor did see someone who looked like her when she was still living on Shadow Earth, but nothing about this has been confirmed.

I.d.ix. Where is the Amber NPC Delwin?

Delwin has kept to his own maze like shadow since leaving Amber several hundred years ago. He depends on his sister Sand to keep abreast of the situation there, and in his own time works on pet projects and swordplay.

I.d.x. Where is the Amber NPC Droppa MaPantz?

Droppa, while getting on in years, is still in Amber, and is still the court jester. He's been keeping a low profile, as Amber is in the midst of a Romantic Age, and that's a poor time for stand-up and farce.

I.d.xi. Where is the Amber NPC Dworkin?

Dworkin keeps to his labs or studies all over shadow. His study in Castle Amber is located behind one of the doors before reaching the Pattern Chamber. He spends a bit of his time tutoring the NPC Mouse.

I.d.xii. Where is the Amber NPC Eric?

As per the books, Eric died on Kelvin, and does not seem to show any indications that he intends to return.

I.d.xiii. Where is the Amber NPC Fiona?

Fiona resides in Castle Amber, and aids Corwin in holding the throne. Her help, however, is not always welcome. She has been investigating anomalies in the shadows, including the Broken Shadows.

I.d.xiv. Where is the Amber NPC Flora?

Flora aids Corwin in running Amber. She is in charge of many of the inter-shadow relations, as well as local politics. On occasion, she is asked to put a ball together.


I.d.xv. Where is the Amber NPC Gerard?

Gerard runs the Navy in Amber, as well as the export/import system. He works closely with Flora to keep Amber city under control.

I.d.xvi. Where is the Amber NPC Jasra?

After losing her husband, Brand, in Patternfall, she spent several years in mourning, moving to the fount of power, where she still resides today.

I.d.xvii. Where is the Amber NPC Julian?

At the beginning of the game, Julian had grown distant from Arden, leaving much control of it to trusted high-ranking Rangers. He spent much time in the castle, often doing favors for the princess Fiona.

At present time, Julian is dead, killed by a disturbance in shadow that was centered around a Broken Pattern.

I.d.xviii. Where is the Amber NPC Llewella?

Llewella remains in Rebma, reserved and distant from any goings-on in Amber proper. She appears for social events, and can be sought out, but she is rarely directly involved.

I.d.xix. Where is the Amber NPC Martin?

Martin is back in Castle Amber after a long stay out in Shadow.

I.d.xx. Where is the Amber NPC Moire?

Moire is still the Queen of Rebma, unmarried.

I.d.xxi. Where is the Amber NPC Oberon?

Oberon lost the Pattern in his blood after repairing the damage done by Brand. This has rendered him bedridden and mortal, and unable to rule. For the most part, he aggravates his nurse, Belle, and talks to his grand-children.

I.d.xxii. Where is the Amber NPC Random?

At the beginning of game time, Random was in the midst of a deep depression, brought on by the loss of his wife and child in childbirth. He is now pulling himself together, and has become the warder of the NPC Mouse (AKA Justar). He resides in Castle Amber.

I.d.xxiii. Where is the Amber NPC Rinaldo (Luke)?

Rinaldo (known mostly by that name) is the king of Kashfa. He is married to Coral, and has a young daughter with her. He rarely talks to his mother, Jasra, and spends much of his time trying to keep the unruly populace of Kashfa together, and his crumbling marriage from failing completely.

I.d.xxiv. Where is the Amber NPC Sand?

Sand spends much of her time scrying in the safety of her brother's shadow, keeping a finger on the pulse of Amber and Chaos.

I.d.xxv. Where is the Amber NPC Vialle?

Vialle died a few years after Patternfall in childbirth. The child, a boy, did not survive.

I.e.i. Where is the Chaos NPC Dara?

Dara is currently in Chaos, looking over the throne and her house, though neither directly. She occasionally talks to her daughter, Ryoden, but for the most part leaves her upbringing to her brother, Jurt.

I.e.ii. Where is the Chaos NPC Despil?

Despil is currently the head of House Sawall, but is heavily controlled by his brother, Mandor, and mother, Dara. He is to be married to a member of Minobee (Kendra) after carrying on am extended affair with her in secret.

I.e.iii. Where is the Chaos NPC Gilva?

Gilva is no longer a member of House Hen drake. She was expelled after Patternfall for failing to comply with one of their plans. She is currently under the protection of the Crown of Chaos.

I.e.iv. Where is the Chaos NPC Julia?

Julia and Merlin did date on shadow Earth, but the relationship ended after he went back to Chaos to take the crown. He visits on occasion, but there is little animosity between the two. He never enlightened her as to his true background.

I.e.v. Where is the Chaos NPC Jurt?

After Lord Grimble's death, he was appointed by his father's wishes as Ryoden's guardian. He and his sister have kept their distance from Chaos, staying mostly out in the shadows. For more information on Jurt's past, read Jurt's History on the website.

I.e.vi. Where is the Chaos NPC Mandor?

Mandor resides, for the most part, in his personal Ways in Chaos. He occasionally helps tutor his sister in the matters of sorcery and politics, but most of his time is spent raising the status of Sawall, and attempting to sway Merlin's kinging.

I.e.vii. Where is the Chaos NPC Merlin?

Merlin currently occupies the throne of Chaos, won almost completely for him by his mother, Dara, and his step-brother, Mandor. He has since rejected their help, and attempts to rule without them. For more on Merlin's history, read Merlin's Past on the website.

I.e.viii. Where is the Chaos NPC Nadya (the demon)?

After Merlin returned to the Courts, she quit the body she had been occupying. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

I.e.ix. Where is the Chaos NPC Suhuy?

Suhuy still resides in the Courts as Logrus Master, but he is ailing. It is unknown how much longer he will live, and already houses vie for his position.

I.e.x. Where is the Chaos NPC Swayvill?

The old king of Chaos did die of natural causes, said to be worsened by Eric's blood curse.

I.f.i. Who is the game specific NPC Bel'k?

Bel'k is an old friend of Jurt's, a minor Minobee. He was never very bright, but after somehow gaining Logrus, he became almost infantile. He works now as a mercenary under Tolan, and seems to be quite attached to Ryoden.

I.f.ii. Who is the game specific NPC Esta?

Esta is one Oberon's children, a daughter, born in a fantasy filled shadow, and left ignorant of her heritage for centuries. Mathonwyr, a PC (now retired) found her after following an old gaes left upon him by an ailing Oberon. She now resides in Amber, helping Gerard tend to his Navy.

I.f.iii. Who is the game specific NPC Klasha?

Klasha is a lesser Minobee, and an old flame of Jurt's. She was his first long term relationship, and it was far from calm. There were frequent fights and clashes, many of which he later contributed to her illness. Klasha currently has a bad case of manic shape shift, and is employed under Tolan as a mercenary.

I.f.iv. Who is the game specific NPC Lillian?

Lillian is a shadow person, found by the PC Wraecca. She has been carried across the broken Pattern twice, leaving her with irrational fears about any Pattern Artifacts. In her home shadow, she was a military therapist, and in Amber has opened a practice, catering mostly to the royals. She is engaged to Wraecca at this time.

I.f.v. Who is the game specific NPC Mouse (AKA Justar)?

Mouse is the youngest son of Oberon, found by Celeste, a PC (now retired), through a portal in the Hall of Mirrors. His original home was a grand-tech shadow, where implants and nano-tech reigned, and through use of machines the citizenry lived to be hundreds, if not thousands of years old. He never questioned his lineage until he was brought to Amber-his was a shadow without family units, so being without parents was hardly unusual.

At the time this was written, Mouse has aged somewhat, making him appear to be around the age of 14. He has been informally adopted by Random, and spends most, if not all, of his time in Amber.

Justar is his proper name, given to him by Oberon. He prefers to go by his nickname, which was given to him by his play group when he was quite young.

I.f.vi. Who is the game specific NPC Rissa Claire?

Rissa is the only daughter of King Rinaldo I of Kashfa, and Queen Coral I of Kashfa. She is severely autistic, leaving her withdrawn, unresponsive, and non-verbal.

I.f.vii. Who is the game specific NPC Ryoden?

Ryoden is the youngest child of Lord Grimble and Princess Dara, and as it later turns out, the only child between the couple (Despil and Jurt have different fathers). After her father's death, she was handed over to Jurt to be raised. At game start, she appeared to be a young child, around the age of seven. At current game time, she appears to be in her late childhood, just coming into her teen years. She is considered a prodigy, and picks up abilities rapidly. At some point, she walked Logrus, though she does not remember who took her, or anything about the experience.

I.f.viii. Who is the game specific NPC Tolan?

Tolan is a friend of Jurt's who at some point ventured too close to the vamipiric realms, and was turned. He now lives as a mercenary in Lesser Chaos with some lower nobles, Klasha and Bel'k of Minobee.

I.g. Who has had children?


Dara the Elder (Current Dara's grandmother) Celeste Lorelai




Rinaldo Jurt




David + Kat


Merlin Eleanor (Unnamed-- still in gestation)


























Elders, plus: Esta Mouse Clarice


Martin Garvin (stillborn)



I.h. What is the list of dropped characters, and where are the PC's now?

Armond + Arilyn

Twins of Delwin -- Since they entered in private posts, I erased their characters after they quit. They show up as a side note, but don't progress beyond that. In the current game, Delwin does not have twin children


Daughter of Benedict -- After she dropped, I sent Celeste back out to shadow. She and Benedict don't talk much, if at all.


Daughter of Bleys, lover of Martin -- After the player dropped, Faetan returned to her home shadow, and Martin chose to stay in Amber. Bleys is keeping his distance from her after a number of fights.


Son of Flora -- After a fight with Esta, Mathonwyr returned to shadow and his studies.

II.a. How many points do I get?

You get 150 points to spend as you would. Advanced powers, however, are forbidden until advancement without good cause. You may bank as many points as you want (for Pattern or Logrus, for example). You can gain additional points for doing diaries, websites, Trumps, or other contributions.

II.b. How long should my history be?

As long as you need it to be. I prefer longer histories, but with the caveat that current happenings in the game may nix part of your background. You do get points for a well thought out background.

I tell you who your parents are after you give me the history, which can make writing one tricky. There are a few things you can think of that can help you.

bulletWhat kind of shadow am I from? Thinking outside of the Fantasy or Shadow Earth boxes can help.
bulletDo I know about Amber or not?
bulletDo I know my birth parent? (This may be dictated by me)
bulletHave I already taken Pattern or Logrus, and if I have, where have I been? How long did I stay? Did I have any companions on the way?

After I get your history, I will try to fit a parent to it. Sometimes, this is awkward, especially in Amber, where I am running out of parents. I try my best.

II.c. Do I write my first post?

No. I do. I'll usually wait for a time when we're both online so you can agree that it's fine, and it fits your concept of the character, and then I'll post.

II.d. When are you going to post for me?

This can take a while. Sometimes, I need more information, or I'm in the middle of a complicated bit of crossing plotlines. I usually wait for lulls to bring in more people, seeing as how they tend to stir things up again.

II.e. Are you looking for ______?

Amber is a solitary game, so I am not looking for more fighters, sorcerers, Logrus-users, etc, to balance things. Play what you want.

II.f. Can I be a half-breed?

Sure, why not? Keep your options open.

II.g. Can I know/not know about Amber/Chaos/Shadows?

If you want. It makes it easier to work you in, but you may take a while to get to the main plots.

II.h. Can I pick my parents?

No. I will be choosing your parents for you after I see your history. After I tell you who it is, you can work them into your history as you see fit.

III.a. Can I have exalted powers?

No, plain and simple. In my game, only one person can hold an exalted power at a time. There is only one person with Exalted Pattern, only one with Exalted Logrus, etc. If they die, it is passed on. If a PC gets it, they will become an NPC (I will only do this with the player's permission).

III.b. How powerful can my items be?

You can put as many points into an item as you want, but individual attributes are limited to 4 points. So there is no 8 point damage or armor.

A caveat about items, however: they can be taken away, broken, etc. Make sure you have a back-up if your item is temporarily lost.

III.c. Can I have advanced powers from the start?

Yes, but only with a good reason. It must be worked into your history, and approved by me before you can have it.

III.d. What are jumps and sessions?

In Enemy, I will occasionally put in a break of a few years to allow characters to pursue more long-term goals without plotlines requiring their attentions. Some use this time to start projects, look into loose ends, or develop relationships. How you use this time is up to you. These, I call Jumps.

Sessions are when in between the Jumps. They last in real time a few months, game time, a few days. These are periods of explosive development. At the end of each session, I award experience for everyone who participated in that session.

At this point in the game, we are in the second session. The first session started in August of 2001, and ended around Christmas time, and covered approximately four days in Amber. The current session started in January, and so far has covered about three days in Amber.

III.e. What about buying allies?

Buying allies is a good idea, but I prefer it if you do it _after_ you've joined the game and played a bit. Generally, I make allies out of people you already know.

III.f. How long should my posts be?

As long as you need them to be. Sometimes you don't need to make a long reply, especially if you and another character are in a conversation. However, long replies are appreciated, and if a situation calls for it, feel free to wax prolific.

III.g. What is the minimum-posting rate?

I haven't been a stickler for this, since things can happen, and I can imagine if there's some sort of medical emergency, I'm not all that high on your notify list. If you haven't replied in a while, I will generally move the character off somewhere private, and we can resolve what he/she does in that time later. If you're in the same thread as another player (IE, they have to wait for you to post) I will move you to the side much faster.

III.h. When there is more than one person in a thread, who goes when? How do we deal with cross-posts?

In general, people go as necessary. There is no particular order, but I may pause the conversation to wait for someone to respond. Respond to posts that pertain to your character (IE, they would react to something, or have been spoken to), and feel free to ignore anything else.

Cross posts, I treat as people talking over each other, or near the same time, as many people do in real life. I usually 'smoosh' them in a response (or a player might take the initiative).

III.i. What happens if I get ahead of/behind other players in the same shadow?

Occasionally, we do have the case where one player will be at the evening hour in a shadow, while the rest are still at noon. In these cases, I will either pause the character that is ahead, or get them involved in something while the others catch up. It is usually something we have to play by ear.

IV.a. Are there any co-gms?

No, not really. I do use some people as sounding boards, but I'm the only person controlling plots and posting for NPC's.

IV.b.i.1. How long does a diary have to be?

Make a diary as long as you need it to be. Try to get over 300 words in, but if you've said what you needed to say, that's enough. You can do one long one, or several short ones, as suits your style.

IV.b.i.2. How often do I have to turn one in?

Once a month, if you do long ones, more often if you do shorter ones.

IV.b.i.3. How many points do I get?

Ten points for every session you do a diary. I give them up front, but if you don't do a diary, I will take the points off your sheet (warning you before I do so).

IV.b.ii.1. Trumps: What if I can't draw?

If you do stick figures in MSPaint, and they amuse me, I will count them. Other, more serious, alternatives are photo manipulation, or looking for drawings online (open domain, of course) that fit characters and places.

IV.b.ii.2. Trumps: How many points do I get?

For submitting a picture of your character, no matter where you got it, you get 10 points. I like pictures of characters.

After that, for submitting pictures for a session, I give 10 points a session.

IV.b.ii.3. Trumps: How many do I have to make?

Sometimes one picture will take a long time to make. I understand this. So, I don't give a per picture point value to this contribution, but rather, do it by group of pictures. This is worked out on a per player basis.

IV.b.iii.1. What is a log?

A log is a compilation of posts that reads like a story when done. To make one, you simply take the posts from your threads and put them into a text file. Some examples of them are on the group site under 'Angela's Comps' in the Files sections. You can add your own thoughts to the logs, if you want, but it is not necessary.

IV.b.iii.2. How often do I have to do them?

I would prefer it if they were done fairly regularly, monthly, at least.

IV.b.iii.3. How many points do I get?

Ten, just like the diaries.

IV.b.iv. What other contributions can I do?

You can also do a website for your character for 15 points, or anything else you want. Just run it by me first, and we can discuss how many points you'll get, and how often you have to do it.