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Otherwise titled: so you hate to Yahoo!, huh?

I've had my ups and downs with Yahoo. Mostly downs. So why am I using it to host this game?

Well, for one, everyone I know who wants to join, or that I hope will join, already had a Yahoo! ID. Which means they don't need to sign up for another account, and they don't have another handle/website/password combo to remember.

Another reason is that I'm rather impressed with the functionality of Groups. The clubs drove me nuts, but Groups has about every feature known to man, plus protections! Yes, it gets slow. If its ever so slow that we're having issues posting back and forth, there's always the option of a joint post.

  How to sign up:
bulletSign in to Yahoo!. Whatever account you use, make sure it is linked to a Yahoo! chat ID. If it isn't, go to the Conversion wizard.
bulletGo to the group's site.
bulletOn the right (your right) hand side of the page, there's a link to join. Click it.
bulletSet the options how you want them, the click the Join button.
bulletVoila! You are joined! If not, check your mail for a confirmation email.