Thomas and Eleanor: the stables

She notes his shoulders loose some tenseness, as if he had been expecting something else. "Hire, no, not really. This is a military and commercial port. But I can arrange something if you want."

Thomas follows behind Gerard, keeping a certain distance.

A large man, all muscle, appears from the shadows behind Gerard, dressed in fatigues and carrying an impressive looking sword. He hangs back a bit, watching.

Ellie smiles up at her uncle "That would be lovely, thank you. I grew up by the sea and like being on it when I can." She looks abashed "I better get back now. Luke is taking Jurt and I out to lunch. Thanks again for your help, Uncle Gerard. It was nice speaking to you." With a polite smile, she backs off and goes to join her companions.

Thomas simply raises a slight eyebrow at his cousin's sudden backing off. His face never falters.