Mathonwyr+ Marrek: Introductions

Mathonwyr feels the air dull around him. Jurt gets up off the floor with a curse, then pulls back like he's stunned. A young girl appears, her eyes wide and frightened, her fingers twitching.

Mathonwyr's face steels, then slackens in a moment of surprise. The girl begins to mutter something, but Jurt pulls her back. "Down, girl. No." She stops her incantations, but her breathing is still heavy.

Jurt pulls himself up. "Now, why did you see fit to try and kill a Prince of Chaos?" His eyes blaze.

Mentally stomping on his surprise over the girl's sudden appearance, Marrek stares hard at the prisoner, advancing a half step, placing his right foot upon the room's quaint rug. His eyes narrow in concentration, bringing forth his next attack, should the newcomer prove more rowdy.

Math applies his Psyche to throw off the dullness.

The three Chaosites watch as the sphere dissipates. As it reaches nil, Ryoden jumps forward and screeches a final lynchpin.

Mathonwyr looks up in time to see the girl with a hand outstretched and something hit his chest... something like locomotive. He is thrown back, and he feels stone crumple behind him right before darkness settles in...

Jurt curses. "I said no!" Ryoden's chests heaves and her eyes tear. She just stares at the inert form of Mathonwyr.

Marrek looks at Ryoden with astonishment clearly written upon his face. Shaking his head in dismay--always a surprise with that one-- he slowly absorbs his magical energies back up through his boots and rechannels it through his hand, forming a slender golden sword in his grip. Thus armed, he walks to stand over the downed intruder, making sure he's out for the count.

The young man's nose bleeds, but otherwise he looks unscathed. His breathing is deep and regular.

Ryoden begins to cry. "He's not... I didn't use..." Jurt pulls her close.

"No, he's fine." He casts a hopeful glance at Marrek.

The door creaks open, and a voice floats in. "It's Corwin. What happened?"

Marrek doesn't turn at the sound of the king's voice, his sword poised over the Amberite's throat. "Had a minor disagreement with an intruder that bit off more than he could chew. He got rambunctious so I blew him through the wall." He pauses. "Sorry about the damages."

Marrek fervently hopes that either Ryoden would know when to clam up /Uh, huh./ or Jurt would have the common sense to keep her from blurting anything out. Either one, he knows, isn't terribly likely.

Corwin enters and looks at the passed out Mathonwyr, then at the cracked masonry. "Mathonwyr?" he looks confused.

Jurt hurriedly grabs his crutches and ushers Ryoden out of the room. "You can explain, right, Marrek? I think I'd better calm Ryo down." He exits as quickly as a man on crutches trying to keep a crying child quiet can.

Corwin bends down and checks over the fallen Mathonwyr.

Marrek makes way for Corwin's examination, allowing the summoned blade to dissipate and reclaiming its energies. He keeps a wary eye upon the fallen Amberite, however.

Corwin finishes, then looks up. "Well? What happened?" He curses.

Marrek shrugs. "He just waltzed in, pulled that whatever-it-was, and took a shot at Jurt. I don't think he knew I was there, so I got the drop on him and blew him through the wall."

"Flora's going to have a shit-fit."

"Let me guess," Marrek grumbles, gesturing at Mathonwyr, "Sleeping Beauty's mother, right?"

He nods, and picks up the limp form. "Mathonwyr. Remember that name. I have to deal with this later." He curses and throws Math over his shoulder, pulling a trump out of his belt. He concentrates a minute, then is gone.

/Well, that went better than I expected, though I'll have to watch my back around that one./ Marrek makes sure that all is in order--save, of course, for the crumbled wall--and walks to the suite's door. Drawing a composing breath (and straightening out a stray wrinkle in his deep blue silk shirt) he walks out into the hallway, looking for Jurt.