Marrek and Eleanor: Brand's room

In front of him, Marrek sees Jurt and Eleanor, Jurt look a bit tired, but Eleanor looking absolutely exhausted. He reaches forward a hand to be pulled through.

They step in, and Ryoden looks back. Seeing Ellie's dishevelled state, she goes bright red, then buries a cascade of giggles into her comic. Jurt looks at Ryoden, then Marrek questioningly as he makes his way to a chair.

"Never mind, long story." Marrek scrutinizes the pair from head to toe. "You two look like you could use a drink..."

Ellie makes her way to another chair and sinks into it, a puzzled look on her face as Ryoden giggles. Suddenly, she realises her dishevelled state and realises what it could look like. Chuckling herself, Ellie says quietly "Wrong answer, Ryoden."

She smiles at Marrek "Thank you, but no. For me, sleep is probably better right now." Getting up, she adds "Good night, everyone." and heads through into her own room, closing the door quietly behind her...

"Sounds like a plan." Marrek looks at Jurt. "I'm turning in, too. I'm thinking tomorrow will likely be a busy day." *What with Benedict dropping by and all. Joy*

Marrek walks into his room, closing his door behind him. Dumping the dufflebag off of the bed and onto the floor, he flops down on the bed and promptly falls asleep.