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Marrek, silent preparations.

Marrek shuts his chamber door softly and crosses the room to the aged cabinets where he has stored his belongings. He draws forth his stiletto and slips it into a concealed sheath.

/Well, Jurt's staying, Ryoden's staying so it looks like I am too. Figures. I could have used a change of scenery. Amber's pretty and all, in an over-the-top sort of way, I suppose, but it ain't what it's cracked up to be./

With a sigh, Marrek drops to his knees, preparing to slip into a meditative trance, designed to bring his inner energies to bear. This was the type of work he could afford to spend time on. While he was adept at working quickly when necessary, certain things get overlooked in haste. Now that he had the chance to take his time, he could pay attention to all the minute details. Drawing a deep breath, he begins to channel his power.

He feels the energies gather at his fingertips, and start to form in front of him. He takes his time and tries to tune out the world.


He hears the door open in the sitting room, and the surprised but muffled voice of Jurt. His ears perk despite of his task, remembering the last unfortunate encounter. Marrek manages to pick out one word.


Marrek allows the summoned energies to dissipate and raises his eyes imploringly to the ceiling. /Anything else you want to throw at me?/

The Universe declines to answer.

Rising quickly, he checks himself in a convenient mirror--this was Flora, after all--and makes certain he's presentable. Smoothing a stray hair, he emerges into the sitting room.