Marrek, Ellie, Jurt and Ryoden, impromptu pow-wow.

Marrek seats himself on a convenient couch, and quietly summons a glass of a much needed brandy. "You father's been mollified," he tells Eleanor. Turning to Jurt he adds, "He took our little visitor and trumped off somewhere, presumably to find Florimel. That's something to keep in mind, by the way. That guy is her son. The two of us are not likely to be popular with her for a while."

Ellie nods and replies "I trumped Dad to help out when I couldn't get Jurt." She looks upwards, muttering something under her breath then adding quietly "Flora and her son. This is going to make life interesting, especially in the short term. Shall we all go back into the room now?"

Jurt nods and gets up. "So, Marrek, heard Kashfa is beautiful this time of year." He grabs his crutches and heads back, a tearful Ryoden beside him, calming down, slowly but surely.

As she passes Marrek, she looks down and whispers quietly. "Thank you..."

Marrek looks Ryoden in the eye and gives her a sombre nod. "Any time, Your Highness," he says softly. "Call me and I'll be there."

Marrek rises and falls into step behind Jurt. "Kashfa," he says in a lighter tone, "is definitely looking better and better."

Ellie falls into step beside Marrek and says "Luke said to give it a couple of days, but I'm sure he'd be fine with the rest of you going on ahead early as circumstances warrant."

Jurt shakes his head. "No. I'm not leaving you here alone. This was not a good example of Amberite behaviour, and I'm not leaving a novice to the games to herself."

Ryoden hits the room first, entering and making a beeline for her room. She pulls out a pack and rifles through. Finding a box, she opens it and starts snacking on the contents.

Ellie replies quietly "I'm more concerned about keeping you, Ryoden and Marrek safe. Now, want to fill me in on what happened? I'm supposed to be going to dinner later with Flora, her son and Dad."

Marrek turns away, struggling to keep a straight face. /An interesting dinner indeed./

He stands and helps himself to another glass of brandy. "With Corwin there, I don't think there will be any trouble. Hopefully, the fact that you weren't directly involved will keep the conversation civil." He smiles, "Besides, they may have something else to occupy themselves."

Jurt stares sullenly at the wall. "I don't think there will be dinner. At the least he'll have a headache." Eleanor, following his gaze, sees the broken bits of stone and masonry and gasps. It looks like a truck hit the wall. He looks at Eleanor. "Perhaps I'll get you for the evening. There's a package in your room, by the way." He looks back at the wall. "He shot at me. Just... shot! I mean, okay, I called him an asshole, but please. You don't _shoot_ people over that."

Ellie asks "He actually shot at you? Over that. That's just..." She shakes her head and turns back to Jurt "The package is probably the new clothes. Dad asked me to get something nice to wear for tonight. It was fun shopping with Ryoden too."

She looks at the dent in the wall and asks "So what actually happened before that point to merit the exchange?". Turning back to Jurt, she adds softly, a small smile on her lips "I am so glad all of you are unharmed."

Marrek speaks up as he takes a seat on the couch. "I think Mathonwyr expected these rooms to be empty; when they weren't, he took umbrage. Then Jurt invented a new definition for 'undiplomatic.'"

Marrek pauses long enough to sip at his brandy. "Of course, Mathonwyr turned right around and reinvented it himself..."

Ellie nods "It seems a fairly extreme reaction to shoot someone, I agree." Ellie smiles and adds "On a more positive note, Ryoden has been as good as gold while we were out in Amber. You would both have been proud." With a nod, she then walks to her own room.

Jurt watches Eleanor leave, then turns back to Marrek. "Diplomacy's for my brothers. My temper's a bit too hot to handle it." He sighs. "Not that it's a virtue. Just a fact." He looks at Ryo and smiles, then adds quietly. "I'm glad she blasted him, in a way. It's not good for her to fight at this age, but still-- there's a small satisfaction in seeing him knocked out."

Ryoden gets up and brings her box to the couch. She curls up next to her brother and continues to eat. He pets her hair. "Better?" She nods and offers the box to him and Marrek.

Marrek reaches into the box and pulls out...candy? Giving a mental shrug, he pops the small bits of peanut butter and chocolate into his mouth.

"I'd say he had it coming," he tells Jurt, "and maybe he learned something from it." /Like looking behind him before he tries to blow someone away./

"He's an Amberite, and he's young from the looks of it. Anyone with those two qualities is bound to be owed a lesson or two." He cringes. "Same goes for Chaos, too."

He pulls out a candy himself and munches. "Reeses Pieses. Funny little candy from Shadow Earth. She made a never ending box of them for travelling." He rolls his eyes. "Don't as me how it works. One of those things. Must have picked it up from Merlin or Mandor. They make odd things all the time."


Seeing the package, Ellie smiles and then closes the door behind her before carefully opening the parcel.

She smiles as she finds the dress she ordered, pale and simple. She wonders if she'll get to wear it after all. Things in the castle are likely to get complicated, and Jurt seems set on not leaving without her.

As she puts the dress and the rest of the clothes away, Ellie wonders what can be done to ease the situation. At least for the moment. Ryoden needs may need Mathonwyr and Jurt to be kept apart somehow. Maybe finishing the talk with her father may be a good idea after all.

She changes quickly into a cream silk shirt and black breeches with a short pair of black boots. On an impulse, she unbraids her hair and ties it back simply with a green ribbon, the black hair falling to her waist.

She quickly checks her reflection and nods. Presentable anyway, she thinks. Alright, she considers, a check on Ryoden first then to see if there's any way to cheer Corwin.

As an afterthought, she tucks the necklace inside the shirt before heading back into the room.