Marrek + Ellie: Abductions in gardens

Benedict nods. "Find a more demure lady." He replaces his sword and walks back to the castle, tapping Ryoden lightly on the shoulder as he passes. She turns and looks confused.

Ryoden glares at Marrek. "You scared me."

Ellie just behind Ryoden says, by way of explanation "We were told you had possibly been abducted, Marrek."

Marrek smiles. "If you knew the lady in question, you'd find the term to be an apt description." He turns to Ryoden. "Sorry to frighten you, Your Highness, but the matter is resolved, so there should be no other frights from her quarter for the foreseeable future." Looking back up at Eleanor, he asks, "Where is Jurt? I would thought he would accompany you both in my absence."

Ryoden breaks in. "Jurt's in the rooms, resting. He needs to heal a bit more before I put on his foot." Her smile is wicked. "You mind the sight of blood?"

"I have no real problems with it, no." Marrek eyes the little Chaosite openly. "Try not to make him scream too much, ok? We don't want to upset the neighbours."

Ellie asks Ryoden "What if Jurt is knocked out again? Would that help in putting the foot on?"

"Might not be a bad idea."

Ryoden makes a disgusted look. "Of course I'm going to knock him out. I'm not mean!" She starts to walk down the garden path, looking around. "Besides, he'd squirm too much."

She stands on a bench and cranes her neck. "What's Faetan look like?"

Ellie answers "Black hair, black eyes, about 5' 10" tall. Any sign of her?"

Marrek looks puzzled. "Who's Faetan?"

Ellie replies "Daughter of Bleys. It was a possibility that we were meeting here to go out and explore Amber."

Ryoden turns about. "I don't see her. I bet if I could fly..." She smiles sweetly at Marrek and Ellie.

Ellie shakes her head with a smile "No, Ryoden. That's not really a good idea I think. Jurt said no shifting."

"No no. We have enough trouble keeping track of you on the ground, Highness." He looks around for someone matching the given description.

Ryoden pouts and jumps down, then starts picking up some sticks from the ground.

Marrek looks around, and doesn't see anyone matching the description.

Ellie wonders if Faetan might still be involved with Bleys and Corwin...

Ellie says "Look, Faetan may still be involved with Corwin and Bleys. Let's just carry on with what we wish to do next. Ryoden, what would you like to do next?"

"You two have a good time. I'm going to go look in on Jurt. Let me know if you need anything." With that, Marrek heads up the Castle steps and through the huge double doors.

Ryoden watches Marrek disappear. "Good. Jurt won't be alone." She turns and skips down the path a bit, then stops. Turning, "Weren't you saying something about Gerard?"